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Artist Statement by Linda H. Feinberg

All images in my galleries are the original work of Linda H. Feinberg and are for sale through this website. They are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. New creative work is posted weekly on my blog:

I began the study of art later in life (in my 50s) while running my own home-based business (Z-Best Bookkeeping) in Manchester, NH. I had been writing for over 20 years by that time (many poems and articles published), my children were grown, and I was looking for another creative challenge. My husband encouraged me to take art classes and try something new. My poems are now available as e-books on Amazon (Kindle) and for the Nook on I have an author page on Amazon:

As a poet I create visual images and emotions with words. As an artist, I try to connect with the essence of the image aesthetically and spiritually. I work in oil, acrylics, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor and oil pastel. Locally I have taken classes with many wonderful teachers. I am inspired by hiking in our beautiful state of New Hampshire as well as by the verses and images from our Tanach (Bible - Torah, Prophets, Writings) and liturgy.

I sold my bookkeeping business in April of 2011 and I am continuing my art studies. I am actively working with both oil and acrylic paints now, focusing on landscapes and thoroughly enjoying my retirement. I spent 8 weeks in Israel during the winter of 2012, traveling and volunteering. In 2013 I took a trip to Costa Rica and another trip to Utah and its magnificent national parks. You can see my artwork from these places in my galleries.

My husband, Joe Smiga, is an author and I have had the privilege of supplying photos for the covers of many of his books. He has a website and blog: and

I am also posting photos and some artwork on Facebook:

Many of my images are also available for your print or advertising needs. Contact me directly if you would like to lease an image or to commission me to paint your image.

Express the spirit through what you paint
Gu Kai Zhi (345-406 C.E.)

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Athabasca River by Linda Feinberg


Watching the Tourists by Linda Feinberg


Dahlias in my garden by Linda Feinberg


Moraine Lake View by Linda Feinberg


Psalm 27 with Maligne Lake by Linda Feinberg


Time? by Linda Feinberg


By the Sea by Linda Feinberg


View of Fort Constitution by Linda Feinberg


Day Lilies #3 by Linda Feinberg


Erev Shabbat by Linda Feinberg


Monarch amid the mums by Linda Feinberg


Birches at First Connecticut Lake by Linda Feinberg


Spring crocuses by Linda Feinberg


Valor and General Stark by Linda Feinberg


By the Bridge by Linda Feinberg


Deep Peace with CT River Valley by Linda Feinberg


Deep Peace with Winter Marsh by Linda Feinberg


Waterfalls at Red Butte Garden by Linda Feinberg


Siesta Time by Linda Feinberg


Nancy's Fuchsias by Linda Feinberg


Mug Shot by Linda Feinberg


A Cloudy Day on Antelope Island by Linda Feinberg


Canyon Colors by Linda Feinberg


CT River Valley by Linda Feinberg


Four Corners Farm VT by Linda Feinberg